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My passion for music and interesting visual forms resulted in the creation of loudspeakers with a unique sound and unique shape.   The beginnings of my work were based on carpentry technology. My first loudspeakers were made in the carpentry workshop. From the design, through all necessary work, ending with manual decoration with a chisel. The loudspeakers I built were enthusiastically received by the listeners. It motivated me to continue searching: interesting form, pure sound, non-obvious materials.  The idea to create concrete columns was born out of curiosity and the lack of a satisfactory product on the market. The main idea behind the concept of creating such columns was their unique shape. For construction, I used a specialized mixture that realistically reflects the structure and color of concrete. The form was dictated by the fulfillment of both aesthetic and acoustic assumptions.​  The philosophy of my company is to create products with the best sound properties embedded in unconventional forms. I invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer.

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