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Abstrakcyjne tło

Concrete loudspeakers

Created by enthusiasts of good sound

Closed loudspeaker units placed in a concrete casing

Personalized service and exclusive products

Faliste streszczenie tło

“Who ever does not strive for the impossible will never achieve it.”

Gemstone Libra
Gemstone Libra
Gemstone Libra
Gemstone Libra
Gemstone Libra
Faliste streszczenie tło

"(...)Yesterday I had the pleasure of experiencing a musical feast.

I was at a private presentation by the owner of the Gemstone company, a music enthusiast, perfectionist, designer and creator of concrete stereo speakers.

I have never heard such a pure, velvety and at the same time aggressive and spacious sound. The source of the sound is difficult to locate, coming from the walls in front of me. The sound triggers extreme emotions and the feeling of being in a concert hall or philharmonic hall, allowing you to move to another world. Highest quality speakers for music connoisseurs and audiophiles.

I would highly recommend"

Abstrakcyjne tło

Come, see, listen

We  invite you to the High End Alliance showroom in Warsaw

tel. +48 604 528 085

Ul. Długa 16

00-238 Warszawa

Please contact us


Poprzeczna 18

71-742 Szczecin


+48 661915527

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